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Concrete demand destruction

According to a leading enterprise in the field of global business Freedonia Group, according to a study recently published in 2019, the global demand for cement and concrete admixture amount is expected to grow to $24 billion.

Group research report pointed out that the continuous growth of the construction activities as the global scope, boost demand for cement and concrete admixture.

At the same time, developing countries have been gradually increasing additive usage, and more widely to use higher performance admixture, therefore, further support the development of the admixture.

Despite the current economic environment encountered challenges, but the global cement and commodity concrete admixtures industry still is full of opportunities, China's demand for cement and concrete admixture will grow to 2019, this is due to the advancement of urbanization, the resulting increase in public infrastructure project investment, such as roads, Bridges, admixture utilization rate will keep rising.The report predicted that China will become the world's cement and commodity concrete admixture the main driver of growth.

In addition, some other developing countries, such as India and Turkey, additive usage will continue to grow., according to the analysis of to 2024, India is expected to become the global cement and commodity concrete admixture's third largest market.

In some developed areas, construction activity is expected to remain strong or acceleration.Such as North America and Western Europe, commodity concrete building in the demand for admixture will maintain stable growth.Particularly in the United States, as the world's second largest market and commodity concrete admixture of cement, demand more than almost any other developed countries.

Report also pointed out that the global demand for fiber additive to keep growing, more than other major additive, as the government investment in major infrastructure projects, the extensive use of fiber additive in roads and Bridges.The company is also expected to mineral admixture demand will also rise, addition of auxiliary cementitious materials by promoting utilization to further improve the performance of Portland cement.(source: China commodity concrete network)

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