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Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

HZS180 Concrete Mixer Plant

HZS180 Concrete Mixer Plant
HZS180 Concrete Mixer Plant HZS180 Concrete Mixer Plant HZS180 Concrete Mixer Plant HZS180 Concrete Mixer Plant HZS180 Concrete Mixer Plant HZS180 Concrete Mixer Plant
  • Model:HZS180 Mixer Plant
  • Theoretical Capacity:180m3/h
  • Max Aggregate Size:60/80mm
  • Discharging Height:4.1m
  • Batching machine:PLD4800
  • Total Power:275KW
  • Total Weight:125 Ton
  • Total Dimension:53000*25000*21000mm


Descriptions of HZS180 Concrete Mixing Plant:

HZS180 concrete mixing plant is suitable for the commodity concrete and concrete construction in each kind of architectural project, including the water conservancy, electric power, railroad, road, tunnel, arch of bridge, harbor-wharf and the national defense-project and so on. HZS180 Concrete batching plant can mix the hard concrete, plastic concrete, liquid concrete, and various other lightweight aggregate concrete. 

Features of HZS180 concrete mixing plant:

1. HZS180 concrete mixer plant theory Capacity: 180m³/h;

2. The Mixing System: The mixer is JS3000 twin shafts concrete mixer, this mixer is twin horizontal shaft compulsory mixer with superior capacity and less time, Multi-sealing structure on the shaft end and adjustable hydraulic discharging angle for different situation;

3. Batching System: PLD4800 Individual batching machine adopt electric weighing can be correction and measure automatically;

4. Feeding System: Belt feeder, anti-block patents technology ensures forever non-block;

5. Weighing system: The system equip buffering device and auto compensation function to make sure the high weighing accuracy;

6. Screw convey: Diameter 273mm, Reducer power 15kw;

7. Cement silo: 60ton - 200ton, Split for shipping conveniently;

8. Control system: International advanced full auto control models of integration industry computer or normal full auto SIMENS PLC+PC model;

9. All Motors, Speed Reducers, Sensors are China Famous Brand;



Rated Productivity


Main Mixer


Max. Aggregate Diameter


Batching Machine


Aggregate Conveying Mode

Flat Belt Conveyor

Weighing Precision


3X 6000Kg ±2%


3000Kg ±1%

Fly Ash

1500Kg ±1%


1000Kg ±1%


100Kg ±1%

General Power


Total Weight


Working Dimension (L*W*H)


Discharging Height

4.1 m

Powder Silo


Screw Conveyors


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