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Dry Mixed Mortar & Concrete Batching Plant

2020-04-23 15:46:17 Minruigroup

Minrui Group | Minrui Factory | Concrete MachineDry-mixed mortar, mostly used in place of on-site mixing mortar, is mostly used in the construction and decoration industry, and is one of the emerging dry-mixed materials. The European market is the most mature area for dry-mixed mortar, and dry-mixed mortar production lines also account for more than 80% of mortar equipment. Although dry-mixed mortars are quite mature in the international market, they are still new architectural coatings in China.

As a new building material, due to its environmental protection applicability, the development speed in China is also very fierce. In 2013, the use of dry-mixed mortar has exceeded 40 million tons. According to statistics from an authoritative website, dry-mixed mortar will have a production scale of 200 billion yuan in the future. The current production scale can only meet 6% of the market share.

Whether from the advocacy of green ideas or the interests of customers, dry-mixed mortar is an inevitable trend to replace the development of on-site mixing mortar market.

At present, while paying attention to economic development, the country has also put forward higher requirements for environmental protection. Therefore, the future market of dry-mixed mortar is also showing a clear trend in China. According to the growth rate of the proportion of construction sand in China, the annual demand for construction mortar is about 500 million tons. According to the prediction of relevant experts, the next few years will be the golden stage for the development of China's dry-mixed mortar industry. Therefore, the demand for dry-mixed mortar equipment will also soar in one stage. In the next 5 years, the average annual growth rate will reach about half. Since dry-mixed mortar has such a large market development prospect, what are its obvious advantages?

Dry-mixed mortar has such a large marketing force, and it is inseparable from its environmental protection characteristics. Because the mortar is a factory ready-mixed material, it is only necessary to add water to the site to stir, and there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of too much dust caused by the site mixing mortar. In addition, the quality and ease of operation are also the charm of dry-mixed mortar. Based on such an environmentally friendly, high-quality and reliable operating raw material, it fully meets the needs of China's development of bulk cement. This is also a key factor for dry-mixed mortar to achieve the mortar market.