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Environmental Protection Concrete Plant

2020-04-23 15:46:05 Minruigroup

Minrui Group | Minrui Factory | Concrete Machine"When traditional building materials are no longer based on the pursuit of production capacity and output, when more and more restrictions are placed in front of us, where is the future benchmark and direction? Where is the way out for the development of traditional building materials?"

The smog that has spread across China has begun to spread, and the relentless inquiries of the environment are slamming. This has led to the introduction of the most stringent air governance action plan in the history of our country. It is not only the first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, but also more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions. Various policies have been introduced to strictly limit the non-environmental protection of new production capacity of cement and concrete, and at the same time strictly punish enterprises that do not meet existing pollution and emissions standards.

In addition to the unrelenting inquiries of the environment and the sternness of the policy, the "internal troubles" from the concrete industry have made companies miserable. The overcapacity and homogenization competition intensified, and the receivables remained high. The weekly forwarding power of the enterprises, and even the main raw material of concrete, sand and gravel aggregates, came to the concrete enterprises to "oppose". The peak demand for sand and gravel material in 2013 has been close to 80 yuan / ton, natural sand is even tighter, the price has already exceeded 100 yuan. Although the price of gravel aggregates has doubled and the odd goods are available, the quality cannot be guaranteed normally, which leads to worrying about the quality of concrete and dry-mixed mortar. China's concrete consumption is close to 60% of the world's annual production. Seriously affected and challenged.

In 2013, the domestic concrete machinery market experienced a split in sales, and sales of traditional strong products such as concrete pump trucks declined significantly. However, according to the sales of environmentally friendly mixing plants (buildings), the overall market share is close to 60%. The reason why environmentally friendly mixing plants (buildings) is greatly favored by the market is closely related to the environmental protection remediation of the cement and concrete industry vigorously carried out by various regions. Powerful enterprises are focusing on upgrading and upgrading, replacing backward pollution production capacity with new environmental protection capacity, and using environmental advantages Government support to achieve market crowding out effects, thereby improving market concentration and corporate profitability.

What are the considerations of the first camp? Business model? Production process equipment? Environmental protection ability? Market operation skills? We will wait and see.